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Malmesbury Primary Care Centre

Malmesbury Primary Care Centre

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Malmesbury Medical Partnership



Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th April 2018 at 19.00hrs


Present: Marion Burfield (Chair), Margaret Perrin (Secretary)  Frank Soden, Roger Lee, Jennifer Walker

Shayne  Smith,  Tracy Doel


Apologies:  Ces Smith (Vice Chair) Elisabeth Cheshire, Dave Grogan, Miriam Nicholls, Denise Richards Diane Vincent.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Jenny Walker .  Seconded: Shayne Smith
  2. Matters arising   Nil.


Marion Burfield  welcomed a new member to the group Tracy Doel who will be representing carers in our community.


3. Surgery Update:


Fatima Birkett who is a care coordinator has joined the practice and will be working with the elderly and frail patients.


Tracy Doel reported that there is a care group organised by Julie Waters who meet 1st Thursday of the month at the surgery. The group organise speakers to talk to the group about a variety of subjects e.g. victim support. At present there are 244 carers registered at the practice who are mostly family carers. 

Carer Support Wiltshire is based at the Independent Living Centre who co-ordinate all the groups and events for Carers in Wiltshire.  They also send out 6 monthly what’s on guides and newsletters. There website  http://ilc.org.uk/   gives lots of useful information.



The meeting was closed at 7.25pm



Dates for 2018:

June 4th

August 6th (AGM)

October 1st

December 3rd



Malmesbury Medical Partnership



Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th February 2018 at 19.00hrs


Present:Ces Smith (Vice Chair)  Margaret Perrin (Secretary)  Frank Soden, Elisabeth Cheshire, Dave Grogan, Miriam Nicholls, , Roger Lee, Georgina Carter,  Jennifer Walker. Shane Smith.


Apologies. : Marion Burfield (Chair), Carl Hall, Diane Vincent, Denise Richards


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Frank Soden. Seconded: Miriam Nicholls
  2. Matters arising   Nil.


The Vice chair Ces Smith welcomed a new member of the group Shayne Smith who will be replacing Georgina as the Hankerton Parish Council representative.

Ces thanked Georgina for all her hard work and input over the last five years.


Surgery news:


One of the two new practice pharmacists Kathleen Pritchard attended the meeting and she explained her role at the surgery. Kathleen is a clinical pharmacist who is employed by four practices in the area, Royal Wootton Bassett (x2), Purton and Malmesbury and attends the Malmesbury practice 1 half days per week. The idea behind the clinical pharmacists is to work as part of the general practice team to resolve day-to-day medicine issues and consult with and treat patients directly. Having a clinical pharmacist in GP practices means GPs can focus their skills where they are most needed, for example on diagnosing and treatment. This in turn will help GPs manage the demands on their time.

Kathleen explained that the idea of Practices employing a pharmacist is a three year pilot scheme set up by NHS England, Health Education England, RCGP and the BMAs GP Committee to test the role of clinical pharmacists working in general practice.


Tracy Mead the Care coordinator no longer works at the practice and a new coordinator has been appointed and will take up her post soon.


Wiltshire Carers have suggested that the PPG have a carer on the committee. Tracy Doel who works at the practice and is a carer has agreed to represent carers on the committee. She will be joining the PPG committee at the next meeting.


At present the Surgery is carrying out a Patients survey for individual GPs and Nurses and will also carry out a general practice survey in the near future.


Any other comments:


Roger asked if the practice has a back up system for the computer system. Dave explained that they did not but he could visit any other practice in the area who are on the same system and log in to obtain the information that is required.


Miriam thanked the surgery for the compassion and the excellent service the staff at the surgery had given the new Syrian family who have recently moved into the area.


Elisabeth asked if the patients could access clinical information and personal records on line, Dave explained that they could provided they had registered  with the practice.



Meeting closed at 7.45



Dates for 2018:


April 9th

June 4th

August 6th (AGM)

October 1st

December 3rd.





Malmesbury Medical Partnership



Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4th December 2017 at 19.00hrs


Present: Marion Burfield (Chair), : Margaret Perrin (Secretary)  Georgina Carter,  Frank Soden, Michael Lynch, Elisabeth Cheshire, Dave Grogan, Miriam Nicholls, Carl Hall, Roger Lee, Denise Richards and Diane Vincent


Apologies:  Ces Smith (Vice Chair) Jennifer Walker.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Elisabeth Cheshire.  Seconded: Georgina Carter
  2. Matters arising   Nil.


3. Surgery Update:

Pharmacist.  In conjunction with the GP practices in Wootton Bassett and Purton the surgery are very pleased to have recruited Rachel Dolman a Community Pharmacist who will work between the practices to offer support to the GPs on a whole range of medication matters. This will eventually include holding face to face medication reviews with some patients.


Afternoon Blood sample clinic:

Dave explained that despite strict adherence to how samples were processed for an afternoon service   there had been up to a 30% rejection of blood samples using the new centrifugal equipment and sadly patients were being asked to return to the surgery for re- testing. Given this level of inconvenience the surgery had no option but to cease using this equipment and have reverted to the old system of morning only clinics.


Toys in waiting rooms:

Dave was presently looking at toy catalogues and is planning to order some appropriate new toys for the waiting rooms.


Blood/other tests results:

Dave explained that different situations required different solutions ( ie routine and acute bloods)  and the GP/clinician requesting the test should make it clear to the patient at the time what the process should be ..ie depending if the result was normal , expected or abnormal .  The most usual solution is that patients are requested to contact the Surgery after a certain time frame (depending on what test were being done) .  The GP s will always report / make comment on every result and it is this ‘report’ that the admin team are able to give the patient when they enquire. Additionally it is very common that GPs will ask the admin team to contact the patient with a specific instruction. ie “Please make an appointment with me in 3 months “…. Or “The bloods results were ‘as expected’ please continue with tablets at the same dosage as discussed “  


Dave said that he would remind the Doctors to be clear on what patients should do so that they are not left not knowing  what happens after the test has been done.



Patients on line:

In the New Year the surgery plans to promote Patients on Line system which will enable patients to make appointments, order their repeat medication view their medical information held by the practice. As part of this process users of the repeats.ghs@nhs.net email service will be sent a message promoting the web based on line service. Patients have to contact the surgery (complete a simple form) to attain a username and password to access the system. Unless the patient is known to the staff proof of ID will be required before access to the system can be granted. Dave reassured the meeting that the Reception team can advise patients and they would receive both paper and online information and advice on how to access and use the system. Once set up the patients will then create their own password for privacy.

If patients already have an online account /surgery password they may wish to request access to the additional modules that have been added more recently.ie Dave explained some patients will have registered before access to coded records was available. Currently 11 % of patients have online access and it is the practice’s hope it can reach 20% by the end of the project by 31st March 2018.


Yellow Lines:

The practice will not be repainting the yellow disabled lines in the car park area at present as they were not supposed to be painted/ highlighted in the first instance.



Other areas for discussion:


CH asked if there is any chance of the surgery merging with any of the surrounding surgeries.

Dave explained that there was no intention of a merger with any other practices. He explained that most practices that merge are normally failing practices, or practices who cannot recruit GPs.


RL asked if the PPG user area on the website could be updated. Dave to bring up to date

RL congratulated the surgery on putting up on line GPs availability as he found this information very useful.


DR congratulated the blood clinic staff for providing a very efficient friendly service.


Unfortunately Michael Lynch has resigned from the committee due to ill health.

The chair thanked Michael for his input to the committee over the last few years.

We all wish Michael well for the future.


Meeting closed at 7.50 pm





NEXT Meeting date:


5th February 2018.





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