Covid vaccinations

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Page last reviewed: 20 January 2021

We are pleased to inform our patients that we now getting delivery of the Covid Vaccines. This supply was shared with five other local practices but all given at Malmesbury. The vaccine rollout is being conducted as per national guidelines , with the most vulnerable groups being invited first. All the surgeries will be working hard during the day, evenings and at the Weekend to vaccinate as many patients as we can,but supplies are limited and we will not be able to invite everyone straight away. We have already contacted many patients and will continue to do so until all the available slots are booked . REST assured we will be ringing all eligible patients ,as and when we get more stocks.

Please DO NOT contact the surgery to make an appointments we will contact YOU.

We hope that there are now TWO vaccine types becoming available the volume of vaccinations we can provide will increase rapidly over the coming weeks.

Thank you for you patience .