Travel Advice

Travel Vaccinations

If you are travelling abroad and require travel vaccinations, our nurses are keen for you to complete a ‘Travel Schedule’. They will work out what vaccinations you will need for your trip and an itinerary for when you will need to come in. To obtain a ‘Travel Schedule’ you can either:

  • Drop into the surgery and collect one from reception
  • Email a request on
  • Download a form below:   
Travel Schedule (PDF) Travel Schedule (Word)

It is essential that you receive the correct health advice when you travel abroad. Such advice can change quite frequently depending on the seasons and disease outbreaks.

All of our Practice Nurses are trained and updated to provide that advice. In addition we have shown some ‘well respected’ websites’ which also offer some advice.

Because these sites are independent the surgery cannot vouch for their accuracy, however the more advice you can get before making a trip the better. A suggested site is:

It may be that you will require some vaccinations before you travel – It is important to note that some vaccines can be given under the NHS but others we can provide under a private vaccination arrangement. Cost and charges are shown below.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Please allow 2 working days for our nurses to review and complete the schedule and then contact us on Malmesbury 825825 for the information.

We can now accept All usual Debit and Credit Cards except American Express.

Vaccines Charges

Typhoid Free
Hepatitis A Free
Hepatitis B Per Course of 3 (£35 per dose)£105
Rabies Per Course of 3 (£60 per dose)£180
Yellow Fever & Certificate£65
Jap B EncephalitisPer Course of 2 (£85 per dose)£170
Tickborn EncephalitisPer Course of 3 (£85 per dose)£255
Meningococcal AC&Y£50
Cholera(Per Course of 2)
Private Prescription for Anti-Malarials£20
Travel Packs£25