Our Doctors

What they do

GPSurgeries / WeekClinical Interests
Dr Pettit4Heart Disease Prevention
Sports medicine
Mental health
Dr Neale6Diabetes
Mental health
Postnatal checks
Dr Le5Child health checks
Women’s health
Sexual health
Family planning, fitting coils and implants
Dr Estcourt7Child health 
Care of the Elderly
Minor Ops
Dr Haynes6Child health
Musculoskeletal medicine
Family planning, fitting coils and implants
Dr Phillips6Dermatology
Minor Ops
Mental health
Dr Gillam7Paediatrics and child health
Respiratory medicine
Musculoskeletal medicine
Dr Hanslip6Sports medicine and orthopaedics
Minor Ops
 Dr Johnson5Mental health
Women’s health
Chronic disease management
Child health
Family planning, fitting coils
Women’s health and Child health
 Dr Ikegaya6
 Dr Winwood3 General and Elderly
 Dr Saunders5 Women and Child Health (Whole range)
 Dr Blackman3 Women and Child Health Whole range 

When they do it

The grid below should be used as a guide only.

The reason for this is that the doctors also have to cover many other clinics and services in addition to the traditional and familiar GP surgery session. These include clinics such as Duty GP (morning or afternoon sessions), minor surgery, Coil and implant fitting, new baby checks, tutorials. This means that the schedule for any single week does vary a lot and almost no week is the same as the next.

Dr PettitAll dayOutAMOutAM
Dr NealeAll dayOutAll dayOutAll day
Dr EstcourtAMAll dayAMAll dayPM
Dr PhilipsAll dayOutOutAll dayAll day
Dr HaynesAll dayOutOutAll dayAll day
Dr LeAll dayAMAll dayAMOut
Dr SaundersOutAll dayAll dayPMOut
Dr HanslipPMAMOutAll dayAll day
Dr Yuka IkegayaAll dayAll dayOutAll dayOut
Dr JohnsonAll dayOutAMAll dayOut
Dr WinwoodOutAMAMOutAM
Dr GillamAMAll dayOutAll dayAll day
Dr BlackmanOutAMAll dayOutOut