PPG AGM Minutes 19 August 2019

Malmesbury Medical Partnership


Minutes of the AGMmeeting held on Monday 19 August 2019 at 19.00hrs

Welcome:  The chair of the PPG opened the meeting and thanked all for attending

Present: Marion Burfield (Chair) Ces Smith (Vice Chair), Margaret Perrin (Secretary), Elisabeth Cheshire, Miriam Nicholls Shayne Smith, Frank Soden.

Dr Rani Robson.

Apologies: Tracy Doel, Denise Richards, Roger Lee, Alistair Knight, Carl Hall, Jennifer Walker

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Elisabeth Cheshire Seconded:  Ces Smith

Matters arising from the previous meeting. Nil.

Election of officers for 2019 – 2020.

ChairmanMarion BurfieldCes SmithElisabeth Cheshire
Vice ChairCes SmithMarion BurfieldMiriam Nicholls
SecretaryMargaret PerrinMarion BurfieldCes Smith

Surgery News:

CQC inspection.

The CQC are adopting a new technique for surgeries that attained a good inspection result on their previous inspection which Malmesbury Primary Care Centre received an outstanding result at their last inspection on 13th May 2016. The surgery in future will receive an annual phone call assessment from CQC. The surgery will receive a set of pre set questions and then CQC will book a call with the practice staff and carry out the assessment over the telephone.

The surgery had a recent CQC telephone assessment in August 2019 which went very well.

Social Subscribing:

Dr Rani Robson attended the session as she was interested in how the PPG function within the practice. Dr Robson has just completed her GP training at the practice.

Dr Robson asked the group how they felt about social subscribing, everyone said they are in favour of social subscribing as patients would benefit by improving mental health and physical wellbeing issues. The surgery offer this service to the patients which enables doctors, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer patients to a range of local non clinical services for example, art sessions.

The practice in the future  plan to share a full time social subscriber with other primary care network providers.


Flu Jabs

David does not see any problems with attaining vaccine at present

MJOG As part of a Wiltshire plan initiative, practices are being asked to adopt a patient messaging software system that will compliment what is already provided by their individual clinical systems.

The system is a basic sophisticated texting /smart system which can be used for various things for example texting patients reminding them of their appointment dates and time etc.

The practice has embraced this system and it is working well.


The advertising material was removed from waiting area 2 upstairs as requested by a PPG member Margaret informed the group that some material had been reinstated. Dave to investigate.

Syrian Family:

Miriam thanked the practice for the good service they have provided to the local Syrian family, she informed the group that they were settling in well and are now able to make their own appointments with the help of the reception staff.

Meeting Closed at 8.25PM

Next AGM 10th August 2020

Dates for the PPG meetings:

7th October 2019

9th December 2019