PPG AGM Minutes 8 August 2022

Minutes of the AGM meeting held on Monday 8th August 2022 at 19.00hrs

Cec Smith chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Present: Ces Smith (Chair), Alastair Knight (Vice Chair), Margaret Perrin (Secretary)

Jane Ingham, Jenny Walker, Shayne Smith, Rob Watson.

Amelia Davis : Surgery representative.

Apologies: Denise Richards, Frank Soden, Miriam Nicholls, Peter Welsh, Charlotte Gorman.

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Alistair Knight Seconded:  Jane Ingham.

Matters arising from the previous meeting. Nil.

The chairs report was distributed prior to the meeting (No matters arising)


Election of officers for 2022/ 2023.

ChairmanCec SmithAlastair KnightJenny Walker
Vice ChairAlastair KnightShayne SmithMargaret Perrin
SecretaryMargaret PerrinCec SmithJane Ingham

Surgery News:


There are 13 doctors at the surgery  and 3 trainee GPs to meet the present demand for appointments.

Doctors will continue to triage patients.

Fatima Birkett the Surgeries care coordinator is now working full time.  

Dr Koram has taken on the diabetes clinic after Dr Neale retired.


The primary care network now employs 11 clinical pharmacists of which 4 are on site at Malmesbury surgery full time, patients can contact the pharmacists through reception to discuss problems/medication. The aim of the pharmacists is to support the GP’s and make sure that patient’s medication is managed in the best possible way and make changes if required. This saves the GP’s valuable time. The pharmacists will hold medical reviews with patients either face to face or by telephone. The pharmacists can also prescribe medication should it be required.

From October the surgery will be open on Saturday mornings.

CS asked if the surgery could give the percentage difference of patients between the villages and Malmesbury.

Amelia will investigate this but thought that it is unlikely to be able to differentiate as most patients have a Malmesbury postcode.

MP asked if the surgery had any convalescence care beds available to them at Athelstan Care Home. Amelia informed the group that they do not.


Everyone over 50 is going to be invited in for the flu jab and for those at risk, under the age of 50. The surgery has ordered the flu vaccine and delivery is expected in or around the beginning of September.  The surgery is hoping they can also offer the Covid vaccine at the same time as the flu jab, but it all depends on availability of the covid vaccine.


Several complaints have been raised by the patients regarding parts of this system. Some patients ordering their medication are finding that some of the items they have ordered were missing, when checking with POD the patients were informed that they were due for a medical review before the medication could be dispensed.

Amelia is going to investigate this to see if anything can be done in advance to pre warn patients.

Automated service:

A patient had received an automated appointment with date and time but no name of practitioner. Would it be possible for the name of the practitioner to be included in the message.

Amelia to investigate


MP asked why there is no information on the website regarding the days/time and names of when the doctors are available. Amelia was of the understanding that this information was available on the website.

Amelia to investigate.

Group Membership:

       Several patients have applied to become members of the PPG. At   present there are

      3   vacancies. The PPG members discussed all applications received by Charlotte and

      have agreed to offer two applicants a place on the PPG. A third will be chosen before

      the next meeting.

      Margaret to Action:

MK is offering his lifestyle change experiences of type 1 diabetes to Dr Koram who has taken over the diabetes clinic from Dr Neale.

Amelia will discuss his kind offer with Dr Koram and will get back to him.

Meeting closed at: 8.05 pm.

Proposed meeting dates for 2022.

3rd October 2022-

5th December 2022

Date of the Next AGM   7th August 2023