PPG AGM Minutes 9 August 2021

Cec Smith (Vice Chair) chaired the meeting in the absence of Marion Burfield;

Cec welcomed the group and the new member Jane Ingham who is representing St Paul without Parish Council and also the new Practice Manager Charlotte Gorman.

Present: Ces Smith (Vice Chair), Margaret Perrin (Secretary), Miriam Nicholls, Frank Soden. Tracy Doel, Alastair Knight, Jane Ingham. Charlotte Gorman.

Apologies: Marion Burfield, Denise Richards, Diane Vincent, Shayne Smith, Rob Watson

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed. Proposed: Alistair Knight. Seconded: Miriam Nicholls.

Matters arising from the previous meeting. Nil.

Charlotte Gorman the new practice manager gave a short talk on her previous job roles, she explained that she had worked at the Royal Wootton Bassett Surgery for 5 years so Charlotte is familiar with the Malmesbury area and she recently worked for a Cheltenham based surgery before taking up her post at the Malmesbury Medical Partnership.

Election of officers for 2021/ 2022.

ChairmanCec SmithAlastair KnightMiriam Nicholls
Vice ChairAlastair KnightMargaret PerrinJane Ingham
SecretaryMargaret PerrinAlastair KnightFrank Soden.

Surgery News

In June 2019 the surgery completed 7378 appointments and in June 2021 7875 appointments, of which 62% were face to face.   

The local data shows that demand for appointments has increased by 73% since May 2020, and Charlotte informed the group that although the practice were now offering more appointments, unfortunately the demand is still not being met. This situation is being carefully monitored by the team including the number of patients the reception team need to turn away to establish demand as well as appointment availability.

  • Staffing
    There are a number of new doctors at the surgery and also 2 trainee GP’s to meet the present demand for appointments. Doctors will continue to triage patients at present. Dr Hanslip is designing a new patient survey which will cover patient’s appointment preferences and the survey will be available soon.Charlotte explained that there had been a revamp of the administration team. At present they are advertising for a new receptionist and an administrative apprentice.
  • New job roles
    • Lisa Hepworth will be the new Patient Service Manager.
    • Fatima Birkett will be the new care coordinator.
    • Helen Young Paramedic will be working in the community.
  • Pharmacists
    The primary care network now employs the equivalent of 5 full time pharmacists and 2 pharmacy technicians, patients can contact the pharmacists through reception to discuss problems/medication. The aim of the pharmacists is to support the GP’s and make sure that patient’s medication is managed in the best possible way and make changes if required. This saves the GP’s valuable time. The pharmacists will hold medical reviews with patients either face to face or by telephone. The pharmacists can also prescribe medication should it be required.
  • Physiotherapists
    3 physiotherapists are employed by the primary care network and patients can book an appointment through reception. A number of patients have a wide range of musculoskeletal, back and shoulder pain which can be expertly treated not by their GP but by a physiotherapist. They can complete a thorough examination, prescribe exercise, and suggest lifestyle changes. This initial contact will lessen the strain on the GP’s. Using this service patients have benefited by shorter waiting times, less appointments to access high quality care and begin recovery.
    See website for further information www.malmesburypcc.nhs.uk
  • Additional Housing
    There are 300 new houses planned for Malmesbury and at present 70 are being built, the group were concerned how the practice would cope with the extra patients. Charlotte informed the group that the practice had the capacity to accommodate any additional services that would be required by the new intake of patients.
  • Flu/Covid
    Everyone over 50 is going to be invited in for the flu jab and also for those at risk under the age of 50 , the surgery has ordered a total of 6,000 vaccines and delivery is expected in or around the  6th September. The surgery is hoping they can also offer the Covid vaccine at the same time as the flu jab but it all depends on availability of the vaccine. The surgery can now order the Covid vaccine which allows them to plan ahead better; previously they were given short notice to when the Covid vaccine would be available to them. The same terms will be in place as previously in age order. The vaccination team are going to possibly work evenings and weekends to get as many people vaccinated as required before the winter season.
  • POD
    A number of complaints have been raised by the patients regarding this system. Margaret asked if the doctors were trailing this system, Charlotte explained that they were using POD unless they felt it was becoming a serious problem, if it did, they would review the situation. The doctors chose POD as they felt it is a safer and more effective way of getting your repeat prescription. It also saves a considerable amount of money and doctor’s time. Online Access is now available through the website. The Patients could/ will be advised by the group members to use the Surgery’s Website more frequently as there is a lot of information available e.g. Doctor Link which is a new electronic symptom checker which gives 24hr access to trusted medical advice., you can also book, check or cancel appointments, see parts of your health records as long as you are registered with the surgery.
  • Group Membership
    The PPG group had set a cap on the numbers of members to 14, however Charlotte had received a number of enquiries from patients who wished to become members of the group. The group will review the situation at the next meeting.
  • Car Park
    One member raised the issue of the car park and  asked if it would be possible to have a one way system in place , two parking spaces would be lost if this system was instigated .Parking spaces are a premium at the Surgery.

    Charlotte to investigate

Meeting closed at: 8.05 pm.

Proposed meeting dates for 2021.

4th October 2021-

6th December 2021

Date of the Next AGM  8th August 2022