PPG Minutes 3 October 2022

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3rd October 2022 at 19.00hrs

Cec Smith chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Present: Ces Smith (Chair), Frank Sodden, Jane Ingham, Shayne Smith, Rob
Watson, Denise Richards, Miriam Nichols & Peter Welsh

New members: Paul Avis, Natasha Bojanowski
Surgery representative. Amelia Davis

Apologies: Midge Knight, Margaret Perrin, Jennifer Walker & Charlotte Gorman
Minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Miriam Nichols seconded by Jane

Matters arising from the previous meeting – none.

Surgery News

3 new Clinical practitioners have been appointed by the Primary Care Network across the group (Malmesbury, Purton, Sherston, New Court, Cricklade) making 9 in total. 2 will be full time at Malmesbury Primary Care Centre (MPCC) providing care for
minor illnesses. Fatima Birkett is growing the Well Being Team which provides support for patients needing care at home or short term transition into a care home and is also the link between MPCC and the community. Jess Bolton is the Mental Health Care nurse. Jo Harris is the Living Team member dealing with mental health, loneliness and Alzheimers issues.

Surgery Refurbishment
MPCC don’t own the building they use and with an increase in staff numbers they are looking at the practicalities of utilising the space more efficiently and differently.

The current system is outdated with limited functionality. A company has been appointed to install a new system by Jan 2023.

The new system will have unlimited lines, an option for a call back when you’re number 1 in the queue and a function to check appointment times. Currently there are 16 receptionists who just answer the phone.

Vaccine & Covid
Flu vaccination clinics started on a Saturday in September and are expected to run until mid December.
MPCC are only contracted to provide Covid vaccines for patients:

  • Age 75 and over
  • Over 18’s who have severely compromised immune system
  • Care home residents

All other patients are advised to contact https://www.nhs.uk/get-vaccination

If you can’t book online, phone 119 free of charge, 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.
Alternatively, you can find a walk-in vaccination site near you at https://www.nhs.uk/vaccine-walk-in. You don’t need to book an appointment.

Mens shed
To be carried over as an agenda point at the next meeting.

Breast screening
It wasn’t clear why this point was listed. Amelia confirmed breast screening was run by the NHS and not MPCC. The surgery receives a copy of the letter sent to the patient detailing any follow up visits required.

This agenda point was linked to a newspaper article which reported on a development of a portable device so GP’s could soon offer patients a scan to check for serious bowel conditions. It wasn’t clear why this point was listed so it will be carried over to the next meeting.

PW raised the point about bowel screening and the age at which a patient is invited to test. Some regional differences were highlighted and clarification was sought on MPCC’s position and factors determining a patient’s invitation. Amelia to update at next meeting.

JI asked about removing some parking spaces to create a one way system in the car park to allow a better flow of cars. Amelia to update at next meeting.

JL also asked if MPCC were planning to put something in place like a ‘warm room’ due to the cost of living crisis. Last year the council run a ‘heat warm’ scheme which required a referral from a GP. Amelia to update at next meeting.

DR explained that after a GP referral, usual practise is for the patient to receive a copy of the letter the Consultant/Medical Professional sent to the GP confirming the outcome of the referral. The patient didn’t receive a copy of the actual referral letter. It was highlighted that the referral request didn’t always reflect the patients symptoms and can lead to a misunderstanding. Amelia explained the patient can ask at reception for a copy of the referral letter.

PW raised the issue of ear syringing. This is generally no longer commissioned by the NHS due to concerns over safety. If a patient has a clinical need then a referral will be made to an Ear Consultant but for all other cases the procedure can now be provided by commercial practitioners.

CS welcomed the new members to the group: Paul Avis representing the parish council at Stanton St Quintin Natasha Bojanowski representing patients with communication needs

Meeting closed at 7.40 pm
Next meeting 5th December 2022