PPG Minutes (7 February 2023)

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th February at 19.00hrs.

Present: Ces Smith (Chair), Margaret Perrin (Secretary), Charlotte Gorman.  Shayne Smith., Jane Ingham, Paul Avis, Natasha Bojanowski,.

Apologies, Alastair Knight (Vice Chair) Peter Welsh, Denise Richards, Frank Soden. Jenny Walker

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed    Shayne Smith      Seconded Paul Avis

Matters arising from the previous meeting. Nil.

Surgery News:

Charlotte reported that the new telephone system will up and running on 1st March, there has been a delay in getting this new system installed, the reason being the present system has several areas in the building who are on a different type of system than the main surgery which had to be addressed before the new system could be installed.

Attached is a guideline to the new system.

Surgery Connect Patient Benefits (x-on.co.uk) This is a good site to find out more about the new telephone System.


A survey which was carried in out January showed that 96% of patients were happy with the surgery. The only major issue which was raised was the telephone system which patients felt needed upgrading. This has now been addressed by the surgery from 1st March.

New staff:

All follow up letters from the hospital go to the GPs, new staff will be trained to carry out this task to reduce administration.

Appointment Data:

Charlotte circulated MCPCC appointment activity which I have attached to this document for your perusal.

Reception staff:

A member of the group enquired about the treatment of the reception staff by patients. Charlotte reported that the abuse was continuing, in fact just this week there had been an abusive incident.

Staff are having training on how to handle awkward patients.

New Membership:

There was a debate on how to select new members on to the PPG, it was agreed that Jane would write to each patient on the waiting list asking them what they felt they could offer the group and why they wished to become a member. Jane will collate this information.

Margaret agreed to pass on the information needed to carry out this activity to Jane.

At present we have two vacancies and 10 applicants.

Meeting closed: 8.15.

Margaret Perrin


Meeting dates for 2023

  • 4th April
  • 6th June
  • 8th August (AGM)
  • 3rd October
  • 5th December