PPG Minutes 13 June 2022

Meeting minutes from PPG dated 13/6/2022

Meeting opened with welcome from Chairman, previous minutes accepted by members, proposed by Miriam Nicholls, seconded by Frank.
Apologies: Margaret Perrin, Shayne Smith. Denise Richards.

Surgery Update:

  • Members informed that Dr Neil had retired at the end of March and this coincided with the return of a Dr from maternity leave, therefore staff numbers had remained constant.
  • In January 2 two new clinical practitioners joined with the targeted aim of seeing new patients.
  • 2 Clinical pharmacists have joined (to be shared across the partnership) with emphasis on care home/residence lead
  • 2 new paramedics are due to start in August and will deal with minor illness clinics, urgent visits and frailty clinics. This makes a total of 3 paramedics.
  • Drive to build “Living well” team of 4 or 5 staff, focusing on social prescribing and weight management
  • Soon to be working across the network is a Mental Health Worker but no confirmation date yet, planning to be targeting extreme crisis patient care.


  • Phone provider chose, hoping to start 1 September bringing a new unlimited cueing system.
  • Recalls for Long Term conditions have now restarted, using month of birth as trigger point. Aim is for a single appointment to cover all conditions of patient.
  • NHS health checks to be commenced, periodicity every 5 years
  • Health checks for Mental Health patients
  • Starting 1 Oct requirement for surgery to be open later, plan for Malmesbury is on Thursday evening until 8pm
  • From 1 October, Flu / Covid jabs to be delivered
  • Face Marks – decision made to make wear of masks withing MPCC non mandatory for patients from 14th June 2002.
  • Bowel Screening –advised by NHS England South West Public Health Commissioning that this is being managed in a phased approach over the next few years. The invitation has been extended to age 56 in BSW, and it is currently planned this will roll out to 58’s soon, followed by 54’s next year.

New members: Invitation will be advertised using social media, update at next meeting, 1 August 2022. Meeting closed.