PPG Minutes 4 October 2021

Minutes of the AGM meeting held on Monday 4th October 2021 at 19.00hrs

Present: Cec Smith (Chair), Alastair Knight (Vice Chair) Margaret Perrin (Secretary), Miriam Nicholls, Frank Soden. Tracy Doel, Jane Ingham. Charlotte Gorman.  Guest Lisa Hepworth

Apologies, Denise Richards, Diane Vincent, Shayne Smith,

Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  Proposed: Alistair Knight Seconded:   Frank Soden.

Matters arising from the previous meeting. Nil.

Cec Smith Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending, Cec informed the group of the sad passing of our colleague and friend Marion Burfield.

Lisa Hepworth who is the practice patient’s Services Manager explained to the group that she holds a group session on a Wednesday afternoon from 2.00pm – 4.00pm for carers which is held at the surgery. Lisa offers several activities for them to take part in for example trips out, motivational speakers, art & craft, and various demonstrations. This is a drop-in session and help; guidance and advice are also available at these sessions. The public can refer someone, or anyone can self-refer if they think help is required.

A specific contact e mail address is being set up to enable people to contact Lisa directly, which will be published later. These sessions are proving to be a health benefit to those attending.

Surgery News:

Charlotte explained to the group that she had the car parking issue in hand and would report back to the group when she had any further information.

Charlotte highlighted the fact that some members of staff at the surgery had received anonymous hate mail from the public. This included the doctors and the practice management team. The reception staff are also dealing with abusive patients over the phone and in the surgery on a daily basis which is totally unacceptable behaviour.  They are also dealing with patients who are refusing to wear masks in the surgery.

From Monday 4th October the 12 doctors are completing 4 extra consultations per day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, this is only a temporary measure for the time being.

Patient Survey:

3 working groups have been set up on the back of the recent patient survey. They will be looking at the telephone system, apps, access, and availability of appointments and the online system. They will publish a report when compiled at the end of November.

Staffing: At present there are several job vacancies being advertised,

A GP, 2 Clinical Pharmacists, a Pharmacy technician, a First Contact Physiotherapist, and an Advance Nurse Practitioner.  The surgery has recently recruited a receptionist, an apprentice and two Kick Start Receptionists (Trainees), and are interviewing for more reception staff.

Flu / Covid sessions:

The surgery hope to have all the care homes vaccinated by 1st November 2021.

Dates for Covid sessions at the surgery: 30th October 27th November 11th December.

Patients can also book an online appointment if they choose at one of the local vaccination centres if 180 days have passed since their last covid vaccination.

Other Issues:

A member of the group asked if someone had been taken ill whilst abroad how would they be able to access their medical records:

Charlotte explained that they could use the NHS app or e mail the surgery at  [email protected]   who would pass on the required information to the individual and clinicians.

Charlotte was asked by a member of the group if patients had to book a slot on the new Health Monitor which was provided by the League of Friends and is situated in the downstairs waiting room. She explained that anyone can use it at any time. When it is set up by the ICT team the information provided will be automatically recorded on your medical records, until then you will have to take the printout it provides now to reception, and they will record it for you.

A member of the committee asked if the surgery still offer ear syringing, Charlotte said they only carry out ear syringing if it proves to be a serious medical issue.

Some Opticians will carry out syringing but will charge a fee for the service.

Meeting closed at 7.55

Margaret Perrin


5th October 2021

Next Meeting:

6th December 2021