By Quitting smoking you can:

  • reduce your likelihood of becoming ill
  • protect the health of others. Exposure to second-hand smoke also increases the risk of complications from respiratory infections
  • reduce the burden on the NHS. Stopping smoking brings immediate health benefits, particularly to the heart and lungs

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic local stop smoking services are being delivered remotely. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and Champix are still available on prescription as part of the treatment programme. Please talk to your stop smoking advisor about the best support for you. Most GP practices and some pharmacies are able to offer telephone appointments. In addition, the Health Improvement Coaches service offer regular telephone support and can arrange stop smoking medication for you. Please contact the Health Improvement Coaches for more information or an appointment.

For online stop smoking support and advice please visit nhs.uk/BetterHealth

Support to quit

Our trained stop smoking advisors offer friendly, non-judgemental advice and support across the county. The advisors can give you tips and information while working with you to beat your cravings and change your smoking habits. Your advisor can also discuss the range of stop smoking medications and help to choose the right one for you. If you would like to use an electronic cigarette or vaporiser, we can still help you break free from tobacco use. Let your advisor know that you have your own device and they can work with you to stop smoking.

Your first session will last for 20-30 minutes with follow-up sessions of 10 minutes to complete the 12-week course. Sessions are face-to-face, but advisors may also be able to offer a telephone support on request.

Health Improvement Coaches

Wiltshire Health Improvement Coaches offer tailored support for smokers to quit. Our Health Improvement Coaches work with you to improve your health and make positive lifestyle changes. Your coach can assist you every step of the way to achieve and maintain your goals. The service is free and available for adults aged 18 and over.

To contact a Health Improvement Coach email [email protected] or call 0300 003 4566 (select option 1).

How much can you save?

You may be spending more money on smoking than you realize. You probably already know that quitting smoking is good for your health. But were you aware of just how much money stopping smoking can save you?

The average smoker can save around £128 per month when they stop. Imagine a pay rise of over £1,500 per year. What would you spend the money on?

Calculate your own savings using the NHS Smokefree cost calculator